How much does 30/10 Weight Loss For Life cost?


If that is your question, you are definitely not alone.

While joining one of our programs is an investment, every week we hear our clients say things like:


“I saved so much money because I joined 30/10.”

“When you add up the costliness of poor health and a lifetime of free maintenance it’s pennies. Pennies!”

“30/10 gave me back my life!”

Some clients save money because your health care costs go down.

Some clients save money because they don’t have to pay for medications anymore.

Many clients save money because the planned meals cut down on food waste.

And once you factor in our free maintenance program for life – once you hit your predetermined goal you can continue to meet with nutritionists, have accountability weigh-ins and more – our clients realize the investment becomes quite affordable!

Some of the most asked questions about pricing are below. If you’ve got further questions, please schedule a free, no-obligation phone consultation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Free Maintenance For Life

“We designed this program for lasting change. That’s why we help you every step of the way, even AFTER you’ve hit your goals.

“Many of our clients have continued to come in every week for years now, and we love seeing their continued success.”

-Dr. Linda DeGroot


We will never abandon you.

You will get individualized nutritional guidelines and sample meal plans that will teach you how to maintain your weight, your muscle mass, and your body fat percentage.

You will have the same access to our body composition scale and our coaches while you are transitioning and working on how to take back control of your weight.






How does your pricing compare to other weight loss programs?

I’m sure you see it all the time. “Lose weight for only $9/month!”

Everyone is different, but you’ll have to ask yourself what someone could possibly provide for $9/month.

Our plans include one-on-one support, some of your food, and the best accountability and technology in the business.

And once you factor in our free maintenance program, we might end up being the least expensive option out there.

What is included with the plan?
Plans are comprehensive including food, coaching, support and more. Because each plan is customized, full details can be provided after we complete your full health assessment.
Why aren't your prices published online?

There are many reasons our programs work for clients when so many others have failed, but one of the main reasons is none of our plans are one-size-fits-all.

We have 10 different programs, and the best one for you is further customized to fit your goals and your life.

How busy is your life?

Are you an early-riser or a night owl?

Does your life put you in social situations where making smart food choices is difficult?

Do you travel a lot?

Every plan is customized for the individual and we tell you what your program will cost when we complete your health evaluation and create your plan.

Helping over 20,000 people lose weight has been easy because we ❤️ getting you results.